Welcome to NZKE

Welcome to Waiheke, Auckland’s Island Airfield


Waiheke Island Aerodrome (NZKE) is the only functional airfield on Waiheke island. The airfield is situated on a ridge approximately halfway between Onetangi and Woodside Bay, and 2 NM east of Ostend. The 665m grass runway is aligned 17/35. Privately owned and run, prior permission to land is required from Waiheke Air Services. The NZ CAA AIP page is available here for specific field operational information.

The aerodrome is used primarily for residents and visitors of Waiheke Island, with parachute jumping also available. The airfield is also used for medevac from Waiheke Island to Auckland hospitals. Pilot training flights (circuits) are not encouraged. The grass runway is positioned on the top of the ridge line, with a Northerly landing direction. As the area features significant changes in topography, there is the possibility of tricky crosswinds, sometimes coming from both sides of the runway at the same time.

Waiheke Finals

This along with the local noise sensitivity, is part of the reason that prior permission to land is required before planning of any trip to the airfield. The airfield is also the only licenced landing site for helicopters on Waiheke Island, although there are some other private landing sites.

Operational information: Contact Jolon Marshall Tel/Fax 0274 777 339 Commercial operations restricted to Waiheke Air unless by prior arrangement.

Landing fees: Private fixed wing and helicopter operations: $15.00 Commercial fixed wing and helicopter operations: $25.00 Parking: Overnight: $25.00 includes all landing fees. Weekly: $50.00 includes all landing fees.

Aviation Fuel: No aviation fuel is available at the airfield All commercial and training organisations must contact the airfield manager and register before carrying out any operations.


Fixed wing transfer and charter services with Flight Hauraki phone: 09 426 4276, NZ Freephone: 0508 235 969
Email: info@flighthauraki.co.nz

Waiheke Island Aerodrome coordinates: 36°48′30″S, 175°05′07″E